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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  April 2, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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an entire sweep of the school looking for more victims. details are still being gathered. we'll bring you more information in the newscast as the story continues to develop. well, we know there's a winner somewhere in our area but just who that is remains a big mystery despite all the rumors. roosevelt leftwich is live in milford mills with what you can call a megaexcitement. >> reporter: and a megamystery. the question is who won the money. as of 5:00 tonight, a couple minutes ago, no one has come forward to say they have won the big maryland megamillions, jackpot. one woman said she had the numbers. since then her house has been staked out at her house.
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the lottery commission says until they say it's official, it's not official. >> there hasn't been a claim. the last thing we wouldn't -- want to have is for the legitimate holder to be confused believe that the winning ticket had been claimed and discard the ticket. no one has reached out to us and that's not surprising at all. >> reporter: the funny thing is everyone who has come through said they're the ones who won it. that's the fun of the jackpot mystery. the lottery says no one has come forward. they said they're not surprised. it's such a large sum of money that a lot of people will wait. they have 182 days before they have to claim it. we'll have more tonight at 6:00. >> thanks a lot, rosie.
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i don't know. i think i'd claim it quick. we've got a frost and freeze concern especially for northern maryland. i do say northeasterly maryland would be covered by the mt. holly office. they're compiling their new criteria. so a frost overnight. if you're not watching from south of baltimore, be prepared. 61 in frederick. 52347 easton. through the rest of the evening, 50s. fairly mild for a few more hours. as we go overnight, that's where temperatures will drop. we'll tell you how things will warm up. that's coming up. definitely a somber mood on the campus of towson university as students are dealing with the tragic deaths of two of their own. the incidents are not connected and the school has very little
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to go on. brian kuebler has the latest. >> reporter: the campus is doing what it can. announcing a vigil. university newspapers rarely print such headlines, but this issue of the towerlight was tucked under a few arms of the students. >> it's really some bemplet everybody is walking around with their heads down. people are wondering the details of the situation. everybody is upset about it. >> reporter: it's knowing the tragic ends without a clue of the needs. 27-year-old timothy coyer active in greek life and iraq war veteran was found dmed his towson apartment. the coroner said he died of cardiac arrest. coyer's body was found 12 hours
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after junior ryan bailey, also active in greek life, he was a victim of a hit and run at washington and newark road early saturday morning. police have little to go on in this case as well. >> we want to hear from someone who may have witnessed the accident, anyone who was driving the vehicle or know where the vehicle is. >> reporter: hoping that a tip can provide more details, any details. they're looking for quote a boxy style older model car that is either white or silver. they know bailey was walking in the road but not sure if he was trying to cross the street, nor do they know what kind of damage it sustained. vague statements you often hear in the bang of investigations but providing -- beginning of investigations but providing
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confusion. >> a lot of people are skipping classes. i know a lot of the sororities and frats are talking about it. >> reporter: this is tough. >> yes. >> reporter: a vigil is planned tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. in the meantime if you know anything about the hit and run, you're urged to call baltimore police. reporting from towson university, brian kuebler, abc2 news. a westminster teen is dead after a single car crash in gamber. jeff hager joins us with more on the accident. jeff? >> reporter: a dark winding road, speed and the heavy downpour all set the stage for the accident along poole road in gamber about 1:00 this morning. the 16-year-old driver lost control of her toyota corolla
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and wrapped it around a tree. the victim, identified as rita medeiros of westminster, died from her injuries. we spoke to the mother of one of rita's friends. >> you just hold them and tell them that you love them. that's all you can do. >> reporter: rita was a westminster high school student and a member of grace fellowship. if you have information you're asked to call 410-386-2900. jeff hager, abc2 news. tomorrow is primary day in m. and many of the candidates took advantage of the monday morning rush hour to push for some last-minute votes. they brought signs and smiles to the corner of york and timonium road hoping to remind voters about tomorrow. >> we have a big decision to
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make. in the 2nd congressional district we'll have a big decision to make. >> polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. abc2 is working for you. we post lad link to the board of elections website on our website. well, we're a few hours away from the dances that will decide the next celebrity to get the boost. the cohost will soon be on abc2 every day at 4. stop by rehearsals. she chatted with the stars who were nervous. mar tina was the first to be sent home. it all starts here at 8:00,
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followed by castle. keep it here for abc2 news at 11. in one week, the session of annapolis comes to a close land dozens of bills have been passed but what's left on the japped. plus a 14-year-old is making a difference in the world of business. more fallout after a major credit card breach. what is being done by visa and other companies and what should you do to protect yourself. keep it right here on website whoib news at r--- abc2 news at 5:00.
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a freak accident leaves a 1-year-old by dead. ollie hebb died in a washingen machine. the mother said he used to help
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by flowing clothe -- throwing clothes in it. she found him missing and then saw him wedged. the boy died on life support. we're getting a closer look at that surveillance tape and it's raising more questions. jamie costello joins us with more on the trayvon martin case. >> reporter: much of the focus is on two tapes, the 911 of screams heard. some say it is not george zimmerman's voice. the other is the videotape police say was taken the night zimmerman shot and killed martin. now it's been in hands of forensic companies. tend shows the wounds on martin's head. >> if the injury did occur on the night in question, it does
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corroborate, obviously, mr. zimmerman's story, but you have further witnesses. obviously, you have medical service emergency services personnel who treated him at the scene who can corroborate he had fresh injuries. >> reporter: meanwhile, trayvon martin's parents called on the justice department to have the attorney investigate. reporting for abc2 news. some new evidence in the case of missing mom susan powell. it seems to link her husband josh to her disapeerchlts powell killed -- disaperns -- disappearance. powell killed himself and his children. police found a gas can, tarps and a shovel in his car and found susan's cell phone.
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susan also kept a secret safe deposit box with a letter. her body has never been found. >> the search for a missing california teen has expanded. the 15-year-old walked away from her home on saturday and has been missing ever since. they went door to door handing out flyers. over the weekend clothes were found near a boat ramp. beautiful day. >> a littleçó windy at times, gt the rain out. >> yeah. we have a chilly night on the way. there will be frost to deal with. we're getting there.
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we're going to get there with these overnight freezes. let's take a look. sunshine on tap. look to the upper right of your screen. you see the flags whipping around. the wind at bwi is at 14 miles an hour gusting to 20 to 25. humidity is bone dry, 27%. it was all blue sky with a few clouds. sunshine dominated the day. our camera's shaking a little bit on the seven river. the winds begin to let up a little bit in the day. you see the trees shaking at towson. maryland's most powerful radar. this is clear. it should be our one chance of rain. it's early wednesday morning but not looking for a lot of rain. here's what we're looking for overnight in the immediate next 24 hours.
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that's a frost concern after 2 a.m. and 9 a.m. you got a chance to pull in potted plants. make sure the pets go to sleep. this one is deeper than some of the other ones. it does include howard and montgomery county and from carroll county west, these brighter counties. that's a freeze warning so a deeper freeze. winds from the north and west helping to bring in that cold dry air and dry air under a clear sky will cool off rapidly. the winds letting up. winds actually can keep the overnight lows up, but the winds continue to diminish. once we get past midnight, the profit will happen. you seat current temperatures, no concern for frost. pleasant at 60 degrees with some sunshine. now the entire region continues to sit clear. again, when we talk about this in context of a frost probability, crystal clear
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skies. there's nothing to insulate the ground. and the chance for rain is nil. there's a weather maker impacting the southern states. what we're watching is this, that mild air. that's going to make its push to the north as we go through the day tomorrow. so the cool air that's in place will get replaced by more humid air that's south and west. should allow us up in the mid-commit commit and a warm night tomorrow night. here we go with the chance of rain. it's very slight. it will come in as we move into your wednesday morning time frame and we'll be playing slowly, but thralls the area of rain that could impact us by 10:00. briefly. overnight frost, 35, clear and colder. your two-degree guarantee will be 67 degrees so a nice rebound temperature for your election day tuesday.
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tomorrow night down to 45. clear, weather wise, all day to vote. all eyes toward the end of the week, opening day friday, low to mid-60s and some sunshine, not bad. go o's, kelly. the parks school of baltimore has a student taking advantage of his interest in website technology. he's tackled the programming language java. it's for big business applications. education reporter sherrie johnson has more on how one student as inc different type of foreign language into his curriculum. >> reporter: 14-year-old chance williams is a student at the park school of baltimore. theelts days he's doing things a little different. he has learned to program in java. he started a program of independent study, which is in place of your typical foreign language. >> i was not doing well with
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foreign language. i wasn't enjoying it, so my dad suggested it to me. i enjoyed it a lot more. i'm learning more. >> reporter: the park school of baltimore is an independent coed nonsectarian school and serves 862 students from kindergarten to 12 grade. it's known as a progressive school. educators noticed his enthusiasm and decided to pursue it with web classes. >> the park school, as a progressive school, we meet each student at their needs. that includes presenting opportunities for them to grow in areas where they show a particular interest, and middle school, chance showed this aptitude and interest in web programming, and we were able, again, with the family and chance himself to develop a
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program in independent study. >> reporter: his father is the chief executive at a company and he works with chance on java. >> there's some subset of the population that's naturally attracted to tech. chance from a very early age showed a real affinity for it. that's something we need in the country, people who are strong in us, so i want to encourage it. >> reporter: educators say chance is a driven learner. educators at the park school of baltimore said it's important to meet each student at their needs. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> as for the students in independent study, they offer it on a case by case basis. coming up, could it be possible to outgrow some forms of autism.
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categorized by a, b, c, d or e. chemotherapy doses are usually determined by a patient's wait but a new study suggests using a patient's actual brood di weight rather than ideal body weight in calculating the dosage. that's because of the increasing number of obese patients. many patients may not be getting enough high dosage. researchers say the new guidelines are definitely appropriate. is the place for all the health news you need. just log on. check out the page. you'll find interesting headlines from today as well as different categories to help your family with all the important information this you need. a week, that is all that's left in the session in annapolis. while the end draws near, so does the debate on the big
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issues, including the budget. plus, why the woman known has the october toe mom is getting death threats. some firefighters gathered to fight hung are. we'll be right back.
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getting you up to the minute. towson university is morning the loss of two students, timothy coyer. police say he died from cardiac arrest. junior ryan bailey was killed by a hit and run driver. bailey died at the scene. they have very little to go on


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